Everything you need seed starting kit

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Vented Humidity Dome

A professional propagation dome for starting seeds or cuttings. Temperature and humidity controlled by two adjustable vents for better growing results. Designed to provide more cubic volume for your growing plants. Constructed from heavy duty, high grade plastic to maximize light penetration and stand up to repeated use. Perfectly fitted for stand...



T5 Grow Light

Super Sprouter® now offers the 18 in T5 High Output Grow Light fixture with the nano-tech reflector. This fixture includes an integrated electronic ballast, 6400° K lamp, power cord, jumper cord and mounting clips (hanging and flat surface). You can daisy chain up to 8 lights per single power cord. The reflector uses nanotechnology to maximize ref...



Heat Mat

Warms root area approximately 10–20° F over ambient temperature to improve germination process. Helps gardeners have better success rates with seedlings and cuttings. Perfect for one standard 10 in x 20 in propagation tray. Heavy-duty construction makes this mat very durable. More than 20% larger than competitive mats. This allows even warming of ...


10"x 21"

Clonex Gel

Clonex Gel is a high performance rooting compound that remains in contact with the stem, sealing the cut tissue and supplying the hormones needed to promote root cell development and vitamins to protect the delicate new root tissue. Clonex has a full spectrum of mineral nutrients and trace elements to nourish the young roots.


15 ml Packet

Digital Timer

Single Outlet Digital Timer120v single outlet digital timer. Good for lighting, watering or air control. Automating your grow environment frees you up from the daily need to personally attend to these three daily plant needs.Grounded1 second on/offUp to 8 on/off cycles per day15A/1725W


Digital / 1 Outlet

Plant Starter Cubes

 Sponge Cubes are an all-natural, eco-friendly, seed starting solution perfect for use in both soil and hydroponic applications. Their extremely spongy texture provides a superior ability to retain moisture and results in an optimal air-to-water ratio. The cubes also provide even dry downs for further root development making these sponge cubes gre...


50 Pack

50 Cell Seedling Tray

50 Cell Seedling Tray insert, fits into 10"X20" tray.


Propagation Tray 10"x20"

Standard 10 x 20 Propagation Trays are the perfect solution for propagating your clones and seedlings with rock wool, seedling mix, or starter plugs. Grow1 Propagation Trays are available without holes to catch excess water and help to keep starts or plants moist and also with holes, to drain off excess water from the base of the cutting or seed. ...