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We recommend LED grow lights above the rest!

LED's are superior to all other lighting technologies. The only downfall is their initial cost.

Although, if you factor in longer life and lower operating costs, they end up cheaper. LED lighting continues to drop in price. Check out the products from

Grow Pros!

Advantages of LED lighting:
  • Cheaper operating costs
  • Produces significanly less heat
  • Longer life span
  • Possible energy rebate for commercial growers
  • Full Spectrum
    • No need to change bulbs
Advantages of CMH and LEC over standard HID
  • Closely mimic's sunlight
  • Produces less heat than standard HID
  • Full Spectrum
  • Less bulb swapping
  • Last twice as long as standard HID
    • Does not last as long as LED
  • Produces UV
    • Good for trichome production

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