The DIG Team

Ryan Davis


Ryan is a classic serial entrepreneur of no less than five companies. He began his journey in high school alongside Mike learning greenhouse management while working in climate-controlled greenhouses. With this knowledge in hand and a hot sauce company under his belt, he moved to Washington State where he gained over a decade of medicinal growing experience. His skills include business management, strategy and development, large scale grow facility operations and plant environment expertise.

Dan Franz


Dan has been in the cultivation space for more than 20 years. Whether growing vegetables in the yard or commercial cultivation of medical gardens his focus is on quality first. This strategy has shaped his industry knowledge while producing top shelf medicinal products. Dan has learned to give plants the carbs/sugars they need through the use of teas while maximizing the microbial life in the soil to optimize a plants potential through soil health.

Mike Merx

Store Manager

Mike has 19 years of horticultural experience culminating in skills across a variety of focuses. Beginning in high school, Mike received a certificate in greenhouse management while working in climate-controlled greenhouses. More recently he served an internship with the Missouri Botanical Garden. Mike has experience in plant production, planting and plant maintenance of a wide variety of plants on a commercial level. He is licensed as a commercial pesticide applicator and integrated pest management. ( IPM )